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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
but now that he'd met me, I should be so special that no one else compares.
Exactly! How did you learn to overcome those feelings without hurting your partner and without hurting yourself?

Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
You're saying 2 different things here. One, that the idea interests you because you could have a boyfriend. But, it also sounds like you don't see yourself having a choice because you can't change her. I think it's wise to know that you can't change another person. I just want to remind you to be true to yourself.
My initial thoughts have been "how can someone be intimate with more than one person?"(these still pop up from time to time). but after reading and posting and learning and having a poly gf and doing my best to keep an open mind about it, I have thoughts that maybe this can work for me too. but I dont know if it works for me cuz I havent had the opportunity to try.
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