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Ahem.....We had a friend like this not so long ago. Would use us for sex, etc.. She broke up with her boyfriend, which was drama city & beyond. After a lot, which I won't go into (partly my fault & I will go into it at some point, just not here so I don't hijack the thread), she stopped texting, stopped emailing, stopped wanting to get together for anything, she even got a new phone number and didn't give him the number. Breathes tried to hang in there, kept asking to go for coffee, etc. just so he could say good-bye to her. After four months not once would she get together for coffee or anything. After he finally realized how much his hanging in there was hurting me he unfriended her & took her out of his phone list, email list, etc. He's still hurting but at least he doesn't have to look at her posts and wonder.....

My point, sometimes you just have to cut the strings and get on with life the best you can. Find some hobbies, spend extra time with hub & kids, forgive yourself and each other. We all make mistakes, in time she will learn what she has lost & by then it will be too late for her.


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