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Being nude is great! If it were up to me there would be no bans on nudity anywhere - people should be free to do what they like (as long as they respect another persons integrity/property obviously). Imagine a world where people would be running around naked, loving eachother, sharing, polyamourous. Wonder where the name eden came from

I plan on visiting an island in the south of france soon where everyone is nude - it's supposed to be a great atmosphere there - probably a bit of a different world.

Ile de Levant

Get the Ferry from le Lavendou - is a naturist island established since the 1950's full of artists and nudists living back-to-nature. If you're looking for sensual adventure, they say the island is invaded by sensualists of all nationalities in the first two weeks of August.
Visit Ile de Levant website

Ygirl: 'when it comes to PLACES, while I find a PLACE i like and want to go back there over and over' -> I am exactly the same way - also with restaurants etc

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