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So those of you who have been giving great input I have some more updates and would like your opinions.
So I decided to email this girl with all of the questions we had and how I felt. I figured atleast then I know she would know. I took me almost 5 hours and I had finally finished the letter.
Worst part it wasn't even good. My spelling and punctuation and stuff sucked but I was just in a hurry to get it all out.
Anyways so I emailed her the letter and she probably got it at about 5pm I didn't get a response from her until almost 6 hours later around 11pm. And she didn't even email me back. She sent me a text message that was 6 texts long.
I guess I am just saddened by the fact that she got it yesterday and I got a response last night but I would have thought that was just a quick response to let me know she cared maybe. However I have gone all day today and not heard from her.
Also we have her as a friend on facebook and we have always commented shared info and so on. But for some reason she blocked us from seeing her wall. I didnt understand that because she is friends with both of my kids on there and so i logged into there accounts and I could see it so that is how I knew she was lying. But it didnt appear she was hiding anything at all. So why did she do that?
I guess I am wondering what I should do now since she didnt even take the time to email me back all I got was a text. A text that probably took her no longer than 40 seconds to write out. I know it was no more than one minute tops and that is so send.
So what do you think?....
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