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troll post is just a singular post, not the thread you started, but just a single post that is usually purely an opinion and not too relevant to the OP or thread

I misread some things you posted, as well as miscontrued you're intent for the post. I had feelings of righteous at the thought that you were worrying about your hubby cutting off something coldly and abruptly with you when you both spent so much time with her. Even in the event where she wronged him and not you, if you reallyed "loved" her, it would be something for debate, not veto.'s all my opinion. hence, the troll post.

I apologize if I offended you. I'm feeling a little emotional today, i shouldn't have just randomly shouted out stuff. Anyway, hope everything works out! Sux, you had to fall for a liar
-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny

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