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Hi I am Leslie and am new to the forum. I have been divorced for several years and met a wonderful person, who from the beginning of our relationship has said he was poly by nature, though not involved with any one else at the moment. We now live together and he has been texting and talking on the phone to a friend from long ago that he wants to include in our family. My initial response was that it was cool, but slowly I felt my confidence diminishing. I am a lot older than my partner and was married in a very traditional marriage for a long time. I don't want to repeat that experience, so I am slowly coming to understand how being in a poly relationship could be a wonderful thing. My problem right now is that I slip into being unsure and insecure about myself from time to time. He is about to go off for a weekend with his friend/lover and I am wondering how you deal with the insecurities that come up. Any ideas?
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