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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
But he says he chooses to conduct his affairs as he see fit, and he has told her she is casual and she doesn't ask anything else about the matter. (he basically told me under no uncertain terms that he doesn't want me to micro manage his relationships...)
Wanting to meet your boyfriend's other girlfriends, or at least make sure they know you exist, is NOT micro managing. After a year of being with someone, you've earned the right to have some involvement in his life. This does not mean telling him what to do, but it does include having your opinions and suggestions being treated with respect and consideration.

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
I really hope that this isn't "him" per se. As he can be completely open and honest with me but not everyone else. We talked a little bit last night and he said he's still getting used to this as well as this is his first time as well being in an open relationship.
Besides checking his email and texts (all of which can be deleted to hide things he doesn't want snoopy girlfriends finding), how do you know he's been honest with you when you have proof he's been lying to others? People don't usually lie selectively. They're either honest people, or compulsive liars, or else they lie to all people equally but only about certain types of things.

I don't see how you can honestly believe he's been completely open and honest with you when he's been lying to others?
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