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Originally Posted by MyDemonsMyAngels View Post
Oh boy... seems like people are focusing more on the fact that we are sharing the same account. (he has his own know) And I am sure he will be reposting his questions on there. I really do think that focus was taken off of the things he truly needed help with and put on something that to us was not a major deal.
LoL, sorry to take away from the real issue. I do think there were some serious efforts to address the questions asked, specifically by Ariakas and myself. Then we digressed on the notion of privacy and codependence.

It may seem like no big deal to you both, but a big component of communication is knowing whom you're talking to. Advice can only be given if you have an idea of the situation the receiver is in, which obviously requires you to know which receiver you're communicating with.

NOTE TO MODS: I recommend deleting this thread and posting mine and ariakas's replies to the new one,
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