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I feel your opinionated views on gender roles and feelings of ultimate freedom show a lack of care and respect for your partner. I am a completely independent person, so I feel I understand you a little bit. However, as it's something I've had to learn as a virtue, I can spot when it's not there.

I feel the nature of a polyamorous relationship is essentially love. But not the feeling of love. The dichotomy of love, the "showing it" part. Care, respect, compassion, empathy, emotional fortitude, divine virtues, high sensuality, compromise, reciprocity.

Types of things (some aren't necessarily bad) that when shown or displayed will kill a relationship involving more than two people are, asymmetric thought, power struggles, first-person viewpoints, Hate, humiliation, envy, jealousy, hypocrisy(a big one), anger, and injustice.

I feel, you need to properly work on or "set up" your relationship with #2 or your main g/f|Wifey in a way to where when you guys are OK, and when you're spending less time with her and more time with #3 things will be in place for less drama and pain to be had and more examples of love. It's not all about you and your freedom.
-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny
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