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Default Is it really THAT hard?

Why is it when I tell people I'm involved or in love with my loves, that they automatically assume it's all about sex.

I was showing a friend of mine today a picture of my Aussiebloke, (they've already seen Sunshinegrl) and she says "aah so this is the penis that turned you" I'm like, wtf?? That really kind of offended me as it wasn't his 'penis' that 'turned me' but that I fell in love with him. Shes not the first one I've had to correct. Another friend kept saying about 'my girlfriend and her husband'. I know they've only known me as a lesbian (well, for a good 13 years) but is it that hard to understand it's not my gf's husband, but my bf as well? Her man AND mine?

Is it that hard to understand that my relationships are deeper than just sex? I've NEVER been all about sex. They know that. I haven't slept with very many people, but yet this is what they assume automatically. The first person when I first told her says, laughing "I never thought of you as freaky like that" *sigh* Am I being over sensitive? Is it just me or do some of you have similar exprieneces with that?
"Thou art to me a delicious torment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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