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Originally Posted by theatergeek View Post
I'm aware that it will take time, and I need to go slowly. I'm not looking to go jump into anything right away, and I don't have anyone even "in mind" that I'd like to date. But I would like to explore it, and I know I need to be totally upfront about that and honest with my wife. I fear she may be VERY insecure and feel inadequate as a result.

Any pointers / tips / advice?

The first thing I suggest you do is identify what you are looking for in a possible poly relationship. What it is you want, what it is you need. Will you be open to sharing her with another man? Definitely put yourself in her shoes and look at it from that perspective. What would your reaction be, how would you want her to bring it up? I would go so far as to write it out and see if it makes sense to you.

Opening up the lines of communication on this without properly forming your thoughts will lead to a possible lack of clarity and understanding; neither of which will lead to instilling security in your wife.

Now is the time to do some self analysis. After you are clear and honest with yourself, then proceed with her would be my advice.

Best wishes and take care
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