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It might help if you would share a bit about yourselves here.
A lot of people read these forums. My blog has had 1,174 hits and I just started it 2 months ago.
It's customary, when running a "looking for a parter" ad that you would tell about yourselves. There are people here with ages ranging from in their 20's to 60's. Without any info about you, who knows whether you are even in the same age group......Also- I've seen posts from USA, Canada and Europe on this forum. It might be a good idea to share where you are.
It would also be good for you to create a photo album here and you can set the security settings so that only "friends" can view it. That way, if someone expresses interest and the interest is mutual, you can become friends and the photos can be shared.
Maybe you could visit a dating sites like to get a feel for the type of information people like to share when looking for a partner.
Good luck!!
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