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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
My feeling is that if you need to check each other's accounts to see if they're keeping secrets, there are some fundamental trust issues that need to be addressed. I have the password for my husband's email only so I can take care of his business when he doesn't have internet access. I never go in there to spy on him.
I didn't mean to come across as though I think the OP's have trust issues (although they might)... that is just the way I talk. But I agree with what SC just said in principle.

My husband and I don't have each others' passwords but we often go away from the computer and stay logged in while the other does their thing (I use Opera and he uses Safari so we don't have to log out of Fakebook or Hotmail or whatever). My browser has a lot of my passwords stored or I have it so that certain websites keep me logged in... pretty much anything that doesn't have a credit card or bank account associated with it stays logged in. He can read anything I write and vice-versa, but frankly we're just not that interested. Maybe we have issues because we are not nosy enough? It seems to be working out so far!
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