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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

I more or less tend to agree with your philosophical stance & approach. And it is VERY philosophical and therefore not one that many large numbers of people will care to even process.
TY. And this is nothing. You should see the arguement I'm having with myself in regards to BDSM and freedom. It reminds me that I think too much.

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For a lot of people I think "happiness' is defined by a certain adrenalin rush. I often try to compare terms such as "happiness" and "contentment" because if they were not different it seems we wouldn't have come up with two terms.
Actually Chogyam Trungpa talked about that once. He theorized that people in the United States shouldn't talk about attaining happiness because they abused the idea and instead work towards contentment. I'm not sure I agree with him, however, it does illustrate that we have two different words for them for a good reason.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

But per your original post & question the monastic traditions had identified at a very early stage that too much desire leads to unhappiness and struck out on a quest to eliminate all desires (needs).

But that is not going to be the "way" for the majority of people - and as your quoted post implies, we'll continue to risk the gunfire for the prospect of that second coffee. We want for that adrenaline (and caffeine) rush ! And sometimes we even get it !


Yeah. I can only look my nose down at the idea a very little bit, honestly(and even that little bit is hypocritical of me). After a particularly nasty relationship point(such as what happened about two days ago) I tend to spend a day or so moping and thinking about giving up this whole dating thing and becoming a monk(which, of course, makes me wonder why other people do it, which then lead to the original post). Then I remind myself of a REALLY complicated philisophical point involving perception and external phenomenon, square my shoulders, tip my(metaphorical) hat forward, and back into the fray I go(although as of late, it's back into the gym and books I go, but you get the idea).
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