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Default Recreational Nudity

So, I thought this might be a good topic because Husband and I like to camp and swim at clothing-optional places (abbreviated to c/o). I cringe at being labeled a "nudist" just because I like to do this, but I guess that is what I am by definition. However, I prefer to focus on the "optional" part, very much the way "poly" people would rather focus on the "amory" part, at least intellectually.

There are so many ways that the discussions on this board could apply to nudism (or "naturism" as some folks call it) if you interchanged a few words. For example, the overlap between the "swingers" scene is eerily similar, as well as the focus on couples and women in certain contexts. Also, the ongoing debate about the grey areas where nudity and sexuality overlap (as well as the areas to which they are exclusive). Although I do not have nor do I plan to have children, this too is a big point of contention within the c/o scene.

My whole motivation is comfort - I hate the feeling of a wet bathing suit and I also hate the feeling of clothes all sweaty and digging in to me on a hot day. I do tell people I meet because some of them turn out to be curious and want to try it, but I don't go around trying to "convert" people.

Now, I am not writing a book or an article here, so I'm leaving this open ended to see where the discussion will go, instead of starting off with a bunch of opinions and theories about this topic.

Anyone else here like hanging out naked?

This is one place we like to go (actually, Husband is kind of bored with it because HE is the one who needs "variety" when it comes to PLACES, while I find a PLACE i like and want to go back there over and over. I am the same way with food (although I do like to try new things), books, and movies. So, we haven't been going here as much this year as in past years):
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