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Originally Posted by DharmaBum23 View Post

What I'm saying is that if someone didn't need the NRE, contentment, happy moments(poly or otherwise), and so forth that one can gain from dating, it seems kindof odd that they would risk the extreme pain and heartache that can come with dating. Like crossing a gunfight to get your second cup of coffee.

I more or less tend to agree with your philosophical stance & approach. And it is VERY philosophical and therefore not one that many large numbers of people will care to even process.

For a lot of people I think "happiness' is defined by a certain adrenalin rush. I often try to compare terms such as "happiness" and "contentment" because if they were not different it seems we wouldn't have come up with two terms.

You often see tossed around a statement (and philosophy) that "happiness is a choice" - and there does seem to be a lot of wisdom in that.
And I often wonder where greed plays into this the same as it plays into so many other things about modern culture. Something is 'good' - so MORE must be better ?

But per your original post & question the monastic traditions had identified at a very early stage that too much desire leads to unhappiness and struck out on a quest to eliminate all desires (needs).

But that is not going to be the "way" for the majority of people - and as your quoted post implies, we'll continue to risk the gunfire for the prospect of that second coffee. We want for that adrenaline (and caffeine) rush ! And sometimes we even get it !

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