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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
"Fundamental" generally means "underlying" or "basic" and "unchanging" means "unchanging".

I suppose they could be used interchangeably depending on the context.
Well, the way I interpreted the response(which may not be the way it was meant) was that whatever happens to someone in dating that it can't really affect one's happiness because happiness is a fundamental state.

And if one sticks to that idea(which may be me misunderstanding) then we get into some very sticky questions about happiness overall.

If happiness is that hard to affect in the negative sense(meaning once had it would be difficult to loose), it would be a little odd to say that it is somehow easier to be affected in the positive sense(meaning if it were lost or obscured it would be easy to get back).

This I don't think reflects the world in which we live where we have NRE(a temporary extreme rise in happiness), the mellow contentment of established relationships(a more sustainable increase in happiness), enough happy poly moments that they get a section on a podcast, etc. Of course, we also have the jealousy, anger, heartbreak, loss, etc.

What I'm saying is that if someone didn't need the NRE, contentment, happy moments(poly or otherwise), and so forth that one can gain from dating, it seems kindof odd that they would risk the extreme pain and heartache that can come with dating. Like crossing a gunfight to get your second cup of coffee.
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