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Originally Posted by caprica View Post
Yeah, he was great!

My concerns... well, I just don't think that making this a true triad in on the radar. Like I said, I have talked to my wife who is respectful of my desire but isn't keen on the idea, at least at this point. .. her gf has not been made aware of it from either of us. I have wondered if she has any idea but I really don't know. I am close to the gf so perhaps it is a discussion that the two of us should have. I am mostly afraid of doing the wrong thing & not being able to undo it... I would rather do nothing if it screws up what is in place now... hb
You never know. I think that any conversations you have need to be with your wife first. Remember, things have to go along the time lines of the person who's least comfy. You've already said that you're taking it as it comes and I completely think that's the best course of action. It took my wife and I 6 years before we got to the point where we could invite someone into our home and our marriage. While the wait seemed like forever, it was totally worth it.

You can't do the wrong thing if you talk about it with your wife. That's why I'm such a fan of communication. You know exactly where she stands and how she feels and the same can be said about you. Honesty is the best policy and that's even more so in a poly relationship.

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