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Default A second introduction

It appears that I may have some how stepped off on the wrong foot within this Forum.
I certainly did not mean any harm from the two posting I made, well three, moderated back to two postings, one with some editing. OUCH! No Problem!

Maybe I will start out by explaining a little about myself:

I have always experienced life to the level that I wish to enjoy. I have been with my life partner for over 20 years and I do not see any of that loving experience changing. What I found out about myself a few years ago is I desire and can love a number of people at the same time. Some are male some are female, I believe in when the situation is right why not experience another for the time that you have to share with each of them, in some cases the relationships become intimate and others they are just very close friendships. My thinking is that life is just way too short not to experience that personís life and allow them to share some of mine.

My life partner and I have experienced swinging to bdsm.

I being Dominant practice a lifestyle of FemDOM, an open relationship and other forms of this lifestyle, I feel that I am able to experience the best of all worlds with the people and relationships that come and go on my and our lives. It has been an experience that I/we would not give up for anything.

I have enjoyed reading the many posts of life experiences and look forward to enjoying many more.
Ms Stacey
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