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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
First things first, I understand your explanation for sharing a nickname, but just realize that it will make things very confusing for people reading your posts. I'm sure you don't share underwear or shoes, and I'll bet money that you have different names in real life. Having your own accounts will help keep things clear for the rest of us.

I second this, for the reasons mentioned and also because I think it's more healthy to form your own identity on or off the internet whether you keep secrets from each other or not.

If you're that worried about keeping secrets from each other, then use the same password, but definitely register as separate user names. That way you can see what the other person has in the private parts of their profile. Furthermore, you will both find it easier to keep track of unread messages, PM's, and so forth AND the messages posted by each other because the system marks messages as "read" from the first time you view them.
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