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DAMN that is well put that sounds just how i feel just about. We spent probably 800.00 on her just out the kindness of our heart and got got lied to used and to find out tonight she is talking back to the guy that treated her like shit and put his hands on her. The one she came to me so so many times before and said i am done with him. But obviously not the case. While I was paying for her to tan and look good she was telling us what we wanted to hear and going back to him. She would only let us get to a certain point with her. idk seems all she is worried about is her self. I feel so lost lost a best friend lost alot of money and on top of it all she knows I have four kids to take care of one who was born with out an esophagus. Well he was born with esophageal atresia and down syndrome he is three now doing awesome. Still fed through a g tube but doing awesome we spent a year in the nicu and then in and out for probably close to 6 months. All that aside I just have to get over her because her true colors have shown.
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