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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Maybe you were the one who was her type?...

I can read the pain. Sorry...I hope you can rebuild that trust and that friendship.
I don't know. She felt pretty comfortable with me. But girls can be friends and be comfortable with each other and kiss and rub each other and just have friend feelings?
I just dont want to throw our friend ship away or something maybe she just isnt sure if she wants at this point. Maybe she doesnt want it at all I dont know. She is very confusing at times and it is almost like it was a game. Like she has not text me all weekend. Which is not like her. But I broke down and text her and all it said was I hope you had a good weekend. And she text me back thanks you to.
But on face book she will sit there and chat with me about movies. Wt f? I dont get it. Certain things will never be the same. She was crying when she came over and we were all discussing our feelings. It is like if all you want is to be best friends then some of these things have to stop. I have to many emotions and I can't act on them. It hurts both of us.Thanks for all the support.
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