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Originally Posted by DOUBLExTROUBLE View Post
She emailed me and told me that she thinks things when she is drunk that would nto happen when she was sober. And after touchin my guy she tells him to his face he is just not her type.
Maybe you were the one who was her type?...

Prior to her kissing me and so on she had never told me she loved me or told me she would text me when she made it home every night.
She told me at one point she had feelings that would come out with time.
To me it is almost like she is afraid it wouldnt be excepted. I am not sure.
Neither one of us wanted to stop her from those things and we made that clear to her as well.
It is just hard to be friends with someone who lies to you and doesnt make you a priority they just make you an option when all she has ever been to us is a priority.
I can read the pain. Sorry...I hope you can rebuild that trust and that friendship.
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