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For me it's not so much going at the pace of the slowest... I know I have said that in the past, but I have changed it to the one that is struggling the most. For me it just seems a bit more respectful, as the person isn't slow in the head, just needs to be respected that they either need to catch up, or need extra attention in terms of working things out to help everyone feel comfortable.

To me the prime word is comfortable. If someone is not comfortable then there is work to do.

You reminded me of something Breathesgirl and that is it may be a good idea to get on a joint calender as soon as you can. Most of my disagreements and arguments with Nerdist are around assumptions and expectations to do with events and planning time. To avoid any expectations and assumptions is always the best plan in my experience. For Nerdist and me it's always about our google calender.
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