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Things are still pretty sweet. I've become a lot more comfortable with things and exploring love, more comfortable and more creative with the sex. My wife wants this to be an equal triangle, but even though I love G#2, I still see this as being and staying more of a V.
We had an interesting evening a few days ago where the three of us did our birth charts. It was amazing the similarities between me and G#2. Same sun sign, same moon sign, same venus. Not surprising that my wife would have fallen so deeply in love with her because she is so much like me.
My wife is so happy it amazes me. To love someone like her, she is bi and poly I should add, and to see her feeling like for the first time in her life she can have a love like she has always wanted is really amazing. She is free. Nothing makes me happier than to see her happy. She is simply the most incredible person that I have ever met.
G#2 is also just beautiful. Part of what I've been going through is dealing with a strange guilt of loving someone other than my wife. See, I have loved my wife since before I knew her. Like she was imprinted on my soul. We were apart for 20 years and I never stopped loving her. So for me having these feelings for someone else was a little odd. But knowing that I have the ability to love beyond her is a very expansive feeling.
Another thing, and I've felt this since the beginning, is that while I love G#2 it's become more aparent that I really won't love another woman as much as I love my wife. As G#2 and I got a lot more closer I thought that perhaps I would, my wife said she knows I will, and that sort of messed with my self image. But over the last few days I realize that I simply won't. I love G#2, but the supreme love I have for my wife is unsurpassed in all of human history. There's a strange feeling of guilt about that but I am mostly okay with it because it's obvious to me that G#2 is pretty much right where I am at. She is also madly in love with my wife and... well... I understand. She fell in love with my wife the instant she met her, and so did I.
Still not sure of how this will play out, it's all still very new, it's all very sweet, but the feeling of permanence makes me feel a tiny uneasey. I suppose it's like any relationship where one person feels that it's moving too fast and is not sure whether to comit to it. G#2 is 100% ready to comit. I feel like my wife's only reluctance to comitting 100% is due to my reluctance. I'd just like to see how things play out. I am however 100% comitted to my wife and this is what she wants.

Lastly, let me say: I really enjoy reading other's postings on here and I appreciate the time everyone takes to share their stories. It's truly been a lot of help to me.

peace and blessings all.
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