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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Texting absolutely everything! Making plans to meet of coffee at X place at x:00 time is one thing. Texting about your boyfriend cheating on you is NOT text material EVER! That is an in person or verbally over the phone material!

Breaking up via email! Gotta be the worst! The one who was just broken up with isn't likely to 'believe" it because s/he wasn't there in the moment when the 'conversation' happened. It's easy to shuffle those emails off into the ether and say you never got it. Harder to send it to the ether when you're standing there in front of him/her when it's happening.
Good Call! I use texting to take care of "business" type stuff when my husband's out of town... letting him know that his credit card bill came or that I booked a carpet cleaner. But real conversations need to be conversations.

I got dumped on IRC once. That was so lame! However, as cold as it is to break up with someone electronically, if you think about it, it makes it a little easier to deal with, in that you can tell yourself that the person is obviously a heartless twat and that you're clearly better off without someone so crass and insensitive I don't make it a habit to turn exes into enemies, unless they blindside me with a cruel break-up.
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