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Nice topic!

I'm on a phone so point form it is
- I have different ways of loving.
- Romantic/intimate love carries with it the desire but not a "need" to have sex and physical intimacy.
- "in love" refers to the love that creates the desire to have sex and physical closeness.
- I am only "in love" with one person at a time.
- As can be surmised from my last statement, I can be "in love" but fall out of being "in love" .
- people I have been "in love"with usually have a place in my heart but wanting to share myself sexually or have physical closeness with them is no longer a part of that love which remains.
- just because I have been in love with someone does not mean I will ever want to see them again.
- If I am not in love with you I don't want physical closeness with you..."sit next to me but don't sit on my lap or put your arm around me" so to speak LOL!
-knowing I love some one and the way I love them is completely natural to me. There is no blurriness anymore.

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