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Originally Posted by southerndreams View Post
people that mumble orders. I'm going to quote my dad..."Sing out like you've got a pair"
Ugh, my husband does something just as bad. He doesn't exactly mumble but orders really fast... "largetwocreamonesugarlargeblackandamapledip" I'm not sure what he's expecting, but only 1 out of 20 people are able to get his order on the first try. Then he's always frustrated when he has to repeat himself two or three times, so he starts saying it really slowly like the person is a moron. I'm like, wouldn't it be faster to say your order slowly and carefully ONCE than to repeat it 3 times fast? I don't understand how someone can order coffee every single day, go through the same experience each and every time, and still expect different results?

Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
Although if they ask a direct question, I still tend to answer it. If it's just BS texts, forget it. That is one thing that bothers me, if I ask a direct question whether in person, online or in text and they don't bother to answer it...ever.
I hear ya... I often text my questions in case someone is busy and doesn't have time right that second, but just because I sent it as a text doesn't mean it's unimportant.
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