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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
No, we (my wife and I) don't. It is more for individuals who are poly, but not for COUPLES who are poly. At least thats the way I intrepreted it.
So by this you mean, it's more for individuals seeking other relationships, rather than couple seeking to add a third and create a triad?

It is also TOO all inclusive. If you're poly, great...If your just curious, great....If you're not poly, but looking for a date, great. Too all inclusive. There are other issues I have with it, but those are enough for me to keep looking around.
Is the problem with this, that they're all "lumped together" with no way to sort out those people

The problem with creating something too specific is that you're already marketing to a tiny subset of the population which is already aware of other options. Without a huge budget for marketing, you're "just another poly dating site" bound to get lost in the noise.

There seem to be a lot of couples looking for singles, but I don't think there are very many singles looking for couples. You'll end up being like all the millions of men on regular dating sites competing for the same tiny pool of women.
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