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Yes, thank you. It is me having the baby. And we have been using it as an excuse bigtime. LOL Though we have no intention of ever crossing the boundary. If we bring them to a swingers club because they're too nervous to go alone it will be as friends and only because N and I have never been and are curious, if not interested in the lifestyle.

The thing about them is that they (mostly the husband) ask ALOT of questions about the relationship between N, P, and myself and about experiences I've had with other women prior to marriage. But all their questions are sex-based, while I try and focus on the importance of the relationships to me. Yes, sex was a nice bonus, but not the driving force in my previous encounters. They just keep going on about the "wild kinky sex" aspect. I think they're in the new toy phase. It's all about anticipation and the excitement of seeing the pretty wrapped box.

At the moment, I don't think it's a reality to them. I've had talks with the husband regarding his wife's emotions and he keeps coming back to "but she says she wants three ways" with no actual focus on what she wants on a deeper level, if anything. He's also very juvenile about it, which is starting to grate my last nerve. She isn't exactly clearly expressing what she's looking for or if she really wants him joining in sexually, or is making that concession to him so she can go ahead and do this. I want to dig deeper but not have her think I'm interested in a romantic/sexual relationship because both N and I are worried about her. But I have a really hard time dealing with other women, especially one fresh from the closet who knows I'm bisexual and seems to have her radar on me.
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