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Quoting Mez, earlier in this thread:

There is NO ideal - there is NO perfection - each day is a reminder that all relationships take and give a working love.
Quoting Pat Carini, "We Love the Things We Love for What They Are", in Starting Strong: A Different Look at Children, Schools, and Standards, which I swear is relevant:

"...A perfect child? A perfect marriage? A perfect school? A perfect society? It doesn't parse.

It isn't even that the words are untrue as that they are so woefully inadequate: at the same time, too grand and too small; too narrow and too abstract. What is perfectible is tiny by comparison to life, to a child, to a marriage, to a school, to a society. Perfection privileges virtuosity. It privileges the solo performance. It privileges correctness. It privileges form and conformity. It privileges the stellar moment, and the brief, bright shine of success.

Priviliging [all of these things], perfection misses humanness. It misses the effortful daily work of making and remaking. It misses the roughness of the terrain. It misses the mistakes. It misses joy and sorrow. It misses aspiration and longing. It misses all that is daily-- the continuing on of life, of raising a family, of teaching, of educating. Missing these, it misses a lot. Perfection falls short of us humanly." (italics my own)
I repeat that last line to myself daily, regardless of what imperfection I am struggling with at that moment. My 'perfection' is the journey.
"I was thorough when I looked for you, and I feel justified lying in your arms." - Chasing Amy
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