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Originally Posted by somebody View Post
Children love is SO different.

Not for me.
I love my children with very much the same way I love Maca, GG, my sister, my brother...
The difference is only in how I express that love.

There is a lack of sexuality with some of those people-but sex for me CAN include love-but doesn't NECESSARILY and love CAN include sex-but doesn't NECESSARILY. That is true in ALL of those relationships-sex is just not intricately woven with love in ANY of my relationships.

So as I was saying-while I know for some people there is a differentiation-for me there is not.
Love to me is love and it doesn't matter who it's for-because to me loving someone fits a very specific set of criteria-either you do them, or you do not.

(I DO understand this is NOT the "norm"-just felt it was good to speak up-because there are people in the world who don't fit the norm and that's ok.)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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