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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
For me loving someone is not different.
How I act upon it is.

I love my children-some are bio, some step, some God-children, some adopted. Doesn't matter, I'd give my life for them and I have given up all sorts of things in my life for each of them.
Children love is SO different. There HAS to be some kind of natural selection going on here. I have never known anyone (except my recent partners. Still baffled by that.) who accept me and loved me as my husband has and does. I love him completely. I would rip him apart with my hands and teeth if he harmed a hair on our children's heads.

I think there ought to be a different word for a parent's feelings for their children. (And I don't think that parents feel any less attachment to adopted or god or any other distinction. I know my parents didn't have ANY difference between their bio and adopted.)
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