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Originally Posted by tinx View Post
I'm currently debating this with my [fill in the blank] - what exactly do we call each other? What do you call your secondaries?
When I speak to vanillas (we are not out) I call her my girlfriend (girlfriend, you rock!). He is a friend.

Amongst ourselves or those few who know, she is wife. The wife moniker actually stemmed from a joke. My Zumba instructor had a partner class. DH agreed to come. He got "sick." So she came instead. Later, in facebook there was a great deal of kidding around with said Zymba instructor about how every woman needs a wife. The joking was largely around domestic matters and helping out when your man lets you down. We thought it was funny since we are romantically involved. But in any event, I would marry her in a minute. So it still works.

He is boyfriend, lover... DH calls her girlfriend.

I guess I had better get over to introductions...

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