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I dont know if I want to meet her, cuz isnt ignorance bliss?
Not in my life. Not at all.

I want to be special!
Then BE special. Maca used to tell me "I SHOULD be your best friend" my response was then BE the BEST of my friends. Same concept here-if you want to be special-then BE special.Stop trying to do/be the things that someone else is to her-and BE who YOU are with all the little special quirks that are wholly YOU with her.

If Im not the only one shes sleeping with, I dont feel special.
EEKK-this sentence reads that you are only special based on SEX. That's a shallow factor to base one's importance on. Even in a mono relationship-you aren't special BECAUSE they only sleep with you. It's the other way around sometimes-but not THAT way.

Sorry but I have to say this: I get the compersion thing but I kinda feel like its BS. Yes I can be happy that shes happy, but I cant JUST be happy cuz shes happy, I want my cake and eat it too. I need to be happy too and if Im just happy for her i think thats some kind of codependency thing going on.
Compersion isn't about ONLY being happy because she's happy. It's about being happy because she's happy. There's nothing there about you not having things that make you happy for yourself also!

It sounds like a bad case of identifying yourself through her-instead of identifying yourself for your own personal qualities.
Maybe work on identifying what about you IS special and important and what YOU need/want to be happy-then start putting those things into your life...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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