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Originally Posted by BlackRoses View Post
Im a 36year old blk male with 4 children from my wife of 20 yrs and live in girlfriend of 6 years .we are a triad; straight male and 2 bifemales,as i get older ,my desires for a male friend that totally comprehends my lifestyle without curiosity or jealousy,has increased, so my question is where are my peers in Altanta,Ga. Just wish i had some1 i could relate to. I guess i need to get out more.
hehe...well you get a little sympathy from me, but not much. You are *in* the relationship I would find ideal...I wish I could rant about that problem hahaa

That said, this is a good place to start. There are other poly forums too....ummm you could hop on okc and restrict it to looking for friends. Lots of poly folk on there. All of that saves you from "getting out"...

If you want to get out, try one of your local poly quick search of polyamory atlanta found this -

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