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I think my love has a foundation that is the same. I love my first girl friend and always will, I love my friend C and always will, I love Mono and always will, I love Nerdist and always will, I love my ex-wife and always will.... that foundation is the same. For me anything built on that is unique to the person and my relationship to them.

I was saying to Nerdist tonight that I don't let people in that often any more. I have been hurt far too often. Once someone is in, they are in.... I mean, forever. That foundation is set and I will not be able to give it up, no matter what happens... what we are together is the next level up of love and the unique part.

I find myself investing in Derby this way recently... it's being investigated right now, and I haven't found myself sitting comfortably in that foundation with her yet. We shall see.

When it comes to my child? It goes beyond the foundation I speak of. He is love itself to me. It's hard to explain. Others are independent of me somehow. He is me when it comes to love. His existence is the love I have for myself.
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