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Default My song... part 7

It was really fantastic. Just incredible... the whole weekend. So beautiful and full of love. I was amazed. My wife and I had some alone time too as g#2 had things here and there that she needed to deal with. This also turned out really good as it allowed me to discuss my feelings with my wife. I hadn't really gotten to the point of being comfortable talking with g#2. So it was good to have that little bit of time to get with just me and my wife.

So, that's how it started. I still was left with some questions and felt I needed to talk directly to g#2. I got that chance the following Friday and that's when I found out that she fell in love with me at the same time I had fallen in love with her. We had a long talk while my wife left us alone to go tend to other matters. I needed to know how this woman, who claimed to be a lesbian, felt about me. I needed to know what she was thinking about... was she okay with me being a man? My wife needed clarity on that all too... she really wants to be with both of us. I understand that now. But g#2 sees me as this really beautiful soul and loves me. I see her the same way. It's amazing. There was a point where I was just hating the whole open relationship thing and regretting that I had ever agreed to it. Open relationship is one thing... but it's no thing at all without completely open honest communication... I think that's the real open relationship... whether it's two or ten.

I have spent the last few weeks in total bliss... just total love. Done a WHOLE lot of talking. I feel like I had been a bottle submerged underwater and then someone opened up the top and the water rushed in... love in a bottle... and I am overflowing with so much love and I feel connected to an ocean of it around me. I feel so very blessed, so very blessed to be loved. I am so very grateful to have not just one goddess but two that love me. And let me tell you... they ARE goddesses. I keep wondering who the hell I am to be so fortunate?

There is still a lot to work out... figure out... an uncertain future... the change in my reality of who I thought I was... how this will play out in the future. But... right now I'm just focusing on the moment and enjoying this little space we're in.

I once wrote in a song called "More Love" that "when you give love, so much more love is returned." It was a song I had written for my children to tell them how much I loved them. I believed that then... but I have a lot more evidence of it now.

peace and blessings!
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