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Default My song... part 6

I was raised Catholic, and still consider myself one actually. I had only had sex with three women in my life. And now g#2 was about to be #4. I was terrified. I went to work that day not knowing what I was going to do and not wanting to really deal with any of it. I thought perhaps I would just go stay at my friend's house. Then my wife started texting me some more trying to figure out how I felt about it. I boiled it down to four choices. First, I could pack up and leave her. Second, I could insist that she never talk to g#2 again. Third, that I could let them have at each other and stay out of it. Or four, I could join them. These were the only valid options I came up with after doing my Libra thing of weighing out all the input data. I decided number four was the best option.
I was still terrified. When I came home from work... I stayed in my truck a few minutes. I had driven home slowly. I stood in the garage for a few minutes. I stood outside the door a few minutes more. I walked into the house scared to death. The house was clean and my wife had gone shopping. I had the fleeting feeling of "Dang, this doesn't happen for me"... jealousy in an instant, but it drifted away as I thought, "yeah, she did when we were first together"... I thought g#2 was there... and I trembled as I turned the corners in my house half expecting that my wife and her would be naked and making out... but it turned out she wasn't... just my number one goddess. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. But she was coming...

We spent a fairly sweet evening together... I was extremely nervous. Not knowing what to do... but just tried to talk and hang out like normal. Then my wife suggested that we watch a movie in bed. We all got ready for bed and my wife had gotten g#2 a toothbrush... all three of us actually. We got sort of normally ready for bed with this new presence in our bedroom. We set up the laptop and started up the Beatles' "Help" which is an awesome movie if your a Beatles' fan. My wife and g#2 cuddled together on one side of our king sized bed, and I sat completely bottled up on the other side... not knowing what to do and feeling like I was going to spontaneously combust... feeling left out. They had already "gone there" in my mind... and I didn't know where I fit in. I laid there making myself as small as I could during the whole movie. They cuddled and kissed and thought I was asleep, but I didn't sleep at all. My heart was racing and I was on the verge of tears.

Then the movie ended... I got up to put the laptop away. And then we talked some more... I told them that I hadn't slept at all. And then my wife did something. She said "Can we just all be together and cuddle without the expectation of sex?" This was a huge sigh of relief to me. We took turns being in the middle and being loved and kissed upon. I think I was the last to go in the middle but I didn't really remember. Somewhere in that, g#2 and I started into making out... I started feeling her up, and found her so very responsive to my touch.... I found her dripping wet with excitement... and we moved to that next level. I brought her to ecstasy and then she hopped up on top of me... with my wife sort of just kissing on each of us and letting us do our thing. Voila, sex with woman #4 in my life.
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