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Default My song... part 5

Perhaps a week after that, my wife was coming to terms with her feelings... feelings I had forced her to stuff. I should back up a little bit and say that I had been working from home and then was laid off and so recently before this I had started working out of the house. I was gone from the house and missing my wife SOOO badly every day. She is truly my goddess number 1. My wife decided to ask g#2 over to the house to discuss how she was feeling. I was starving missing my wife at work. The two of them talked, and then got a bit hot and heavy. My wife said to g#2 "what about..." her husband, that would be me, and g#2 responded "Please, he wants to f*ck me too." This was a Tuesday.
I came home, not sure if it was that night or the night after, and found them sitting in my bedroom talking pretty seriously. I didn't really think too much of it really... just kissed my wife and the two of them left shortly afterwards to go do some work. My wife mentioned to me on one of those evenings that we were going to take g#2 out that weekend. I knew g#2 had been going through a hard time with, yes another dynamic I'm leaving out. So while I really wanted to spend some quality alone time with my wife I just accepted it.

Then... Thursday rolled around... I get a text message at work... "Are you attracted to g#2?" and I was like... uh.. thought we talked about this. It's hard to understand what people are trying to say to you in e-mails in text, because there's no emphasis really... or much of it is lost anyway... take that same statement and it could mean a couple of things. I kind of took it as, my wife is mad at me. I was also distracted and busy at work so I didn't have all my head around it. We went back and forth and I was saying that I had told her this, but apparently she didn't get what I'd said to her before. She was claiming that I hadn't. Really silly in hindsight. But eventually I just got it out... "Yes I am attracted to g#2" Sometimes it's best to be simple, but I'm Libra so I have to weigh everything out, see both sides, take in the whole back story, everything is just shades... nothing is black or white. Let me tell you, that can drive some people crazy, though I will add, not g#2, as she is Libra too. :-)

I come home a little stunned. My wife had sent me a bunch of messages saying "It's okay. I love you endlessly." "I LOVE YOU" and "I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!" ... but I was still feeling like I was about to be confronted with something I didn't really want to deal with. But my wife was so happy to see me, so incredibly loving and then said, "Do you have time for a three way chat with g#2?"

And chat we did... I was a bit uncomfortable... but went along. My wife is a VERY direct person usually and she was trying to get to the bottom of it. Then, they dropped it on me. They had gotten hot and heavy two days before while I was at work. My heart sank into my stomach. I felt like I had been set up. I still didn't think there was any place for me with g#2 because her stated lesbianism. I still hadn't made peace with the idea that she WASN'T just using me to get to my wife. I was pissed... they had gone at it right there in our new house, on our new couch, in our house of love! I started to drink a lot more beer. My wife was upset that she had upset me, and had done what she said she wouldn't. It was a bad scene... I talked with g#2 about how I felt... and she told me how she felt about me. She wanted to be with me too. We talked until really really late. My wife and I talked some more. I had to go to work the next day, and they had planned on spending the weekend together... and were expecting that I was going to join them.
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