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For me loving someone is not different.
How I act upon it is.

I love my children-some are bio, some step, some God-children, some adopted. Doesn't matter, I'd give my life for them and I have given up all sorts of things in my life for each of them.

My husband and BF I love both deeply and would do anything for either of them EXCEPT harm another person whom I love.

There really isn't a difference in the emotion and there isn't a difference in the commitment either. In fact the same is true with my brother and my sister as well.

What IS different is that each of them has different needs and therefore how I express my love to each of them is different.
Some people would say that I must be more in love with Maca-because I married him. But the fact that I haven't also married GG is circumstantial-I haven't that OPTION. If I did, I would.
Some people would say I must love GG more, because I had an affair with him. But the reason for it being an affair and not a poly relationship was circumstantial (too much written already on this-not going to elaborate in this post as it can be searched through my profile if someone wants details).

The truth is that SOME people do "categorize" their lovers and give one more importance than others. In my life I really don't do that with my lovers, friends, family, children. Sometimes to the great annoyance of some people who WANT to be categorized as more important.

The only category I do that with every time is that my kids come first-period.
No one comes before them.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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