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Originally Posted by Olives View Post
But my poly lifestyle isn't something that I feel comfortable "coming out" about.


May I ask, in what way the family you grew up within was unconventional?

I agree that it is no one's business what sort of family you choose to assemble, or join with. But I would urge you to worry a little less about causing "discomfort" coming out as poly. I say this with full knolwedge of the challenge involved. But, as they used to say back in the 60s-70s, "the personal is political". The politics I speak of isn't one that involves a lot of political party activity or pushing for legislative action. Rather, it is the politics of acceptance of diversity and of social attitudes. We poly folk know that the poly option is as valid and good as the mono option, if not better--and so we owe it to the the social world to inform it of this which we know. We owe it to each other.

One day polyamory will be as visible, socially understood, and accepted as, say, being gay. Gay people weren't particularly visible -- out -- until after Stonewall. It was a coming out party. It's a shame that when Oprah had a show about non-monogamous folks there was no mention of the term 'polyamory' (if I remember right). But if all of the poly folk in this country formed a network and we all hit her with a pile of mail on the same day, that would be our coming out party! One simple letter would be the effort of an individual, but the combined impact would be overwhelming.
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