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going over to someone's house and them not offering you a drink. this drives me INSANE! maybe it's just because my parents brought me up differently.

standing in line for 10 minutes, getting to the counter and still not knowing what you want. you've had 10 minutes. you should have used it

people that mumble orders. I'm going to quote my dad..."Sing out like you've got a pair"

people that say they'll take whatever when they're ordering and then get mad at your choice. you said whatever. this means I get to choose. shut it.

again with the cell phones. it bears repeating. I have a thousand things to get done in a very short period of time. get off your phone and order

people that talk loudly on their phone about their private life. I have NO need to know who you are sleeping with (unless we're sleeping together and this is a new partner) when you slept with them, or how.

People that talk just to hear themselves talk. I value silence.

going out on a date and having your date complain about everything. this is a deal breaker. you will not get a second date

I like friends.
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