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Thank you Mono for your reply and honesty.

Starting from the end and working up, There are no other men involved. If it weren't for "Elric" I probably would not have even looked at this aspect of myself. He is the first person I have ever had feeling of more than friendship for as long as I have been with my husband. And although one cannot tell the future for certain, I don't think I would want anyone else in our lives. I feel that I would be happy with a V relationship as both my men have given all signs of being sexually monogamous.

We do want to spend casual time together, although it is difficult as we live 400 miles apart and weekends are short. Perhaps if this coming weekend works out well and "Elric" and I decide to try and see if this might work, my husband and I can take a weekend away and visit him again. It is easier for us to travel than for him. That would be the only way we could have any privacy to discuss and get the men to know each other at all.

(I hate starting a sentance like this but...) I will be honest, there are other details on his side that I am leaving out that do have some effect on his decision. These details make it even more important for us to take it slowly but do not make it impossible for a relationship.
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