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Talking Introductions; The Choice of A New Generation

Hello outerworld!

Where to start? I just found this community via reviewing comments on a poly essay and it looks like an interesting place to be.

I am 34 years old, currently involved in a sortof triad(there is my girlfriend, her other boyfriend, and her girlfriend. We are involved with the girlfriend and not involved with each other. It's more of a triad because the second girlfriend also has two boyfriends and they agreed that it would be more casual).

We have been together for 5 years at this point and it is my second poly relationship.

I am primarily a Buddhist although I have some difficulty as my practice is fairly obscure and not of interest to most people who aren't doing something similar(which I've noticed a lot of poly people don't). On the other hand of all the Buddhists I know, I only know(at most) three that date one person, much less more than one and I do not discuss my dating life with any of the members of the Sangha due to the concern of being asked to leave.

The biggest thing I have going on now is that I recently decided to change my focus and stop looking for a secondary and devote my attention entirely to non-relationship socialization(through going to local meetups, that sort of thing), physical fitness(gym 3x a week minimum), and spiritual development(meditation 2x a day minimum, etc.).

The reason for the change in direction, btw, was a recent trip to Europe(which coincided with the whole ash cloud thing). But that is a story for another time as this is running a bit long.
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