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Originally Posted by Endicott View Post

From my perspective, my love would vary, as it is conditional upon the parties involved.
Yea Endicott,

And I think this 'variation' you speak of is not really well and clearly understood. I'm going to assume (and hope) that when you say this, it's not that you are holding some measuring stick in one hand.
I feel love 'varies' because the people who are engaged in it are unique. And at least for myself, I don't see that variation so much as some 'level' as much as how the best expression of it may play out/be required.

It's like chocolate. It's all good and it's all different. But it's still chocolate. Some we eat, some we drink. Some we gobble down, some we take slowly and savor. Some we can only handle in small doses because of it's richness. But life wouldn't be the same without it.

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