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Originally Posted by TheRainKing View Post
We've decided we're all going to sit down together when he arrives, she'll say her thing and then if he has any questions for the rest of us we'll all talk it over with him together.
I'm all for open communication and having all parties present for the asking of questions... I just wonder if he might feel overwhelmed with all of you there?

This kind of "coming out of the closet" is not unlike telling your parents you're gay, and my gut says he deserves a little privacy for his reaction to that news.

Also, it may upset and even anger him. You and your wife may not want to be present to act as targets for that anger.

I would feel less "confronted" if my daughter broke this kind of news to me one-on-one, say they went out for coffee first, and then brought him back to ask any questions.

That's just the way I would do it, but everyone knows what works best for them, and the girlfriend is the only person here who knows her dad so if she thinks he can handle the news with everyone there, then that's cool too!
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