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Default What is polyamorous love?

Is it different from the love found in a monogamous relationship?

We recently attended a poly conference, and I found it interesting that Love was a word readily bantered about, much like what is done in vanilla society.

-I love pizza
- I love ya, man!
- I love you Mommy

But when I asked about romantic love, the conversation went sideways. Clearly we all understood eros , but romantic love was a challenge. And the poly world is not alone. I really donít think there is a good definition. Like pornography; you know when you see it, but its tough to define, as it is so subjective.

Does polyamorous love for your partners differ between partners, or is it all the same? One person explained to me that he felt physical and emotional love for his parter that he is sexually monogamous with. And he felt emotional love for the rest of his family. He even would give a kidney for them (and I do believe this). Others nodded in agreement, indicating they understood, but frankly, Iím not so sure.

Maybe its cynical me, but I am really confused about what the difference is between love in a polyamorous context and a monogamous context.

No answers, just a huge number of questions.
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