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Originally Posted by TheRainKing View Post
This suggestion is one of the best yet and since reading it I have spoken with the wife and girlfriend. We've decided we're all going to sit down together when he arrives, she'll say her thing and then if he has any questions for the rest of us we'll all talk it over with him together. I hadn't really even wondered why I was going to be the one doing the talking so kudos to you for the suggestion and thank you.

I appreciate you all taking your time to put in your two cents. Thank you for the valuable input.
Rainking-that is AWESOME!!

I think that's a GREAT plan.

I'm interested to know how you feel about how it goes-once it goes.

I think it's awesome too that you stuck through with this thread, explaining, answering, considering and pondering with all of us until you found an answer that really seemed to fit for you!
It helps ALL of us see options and how many different ways different people would solve an issue-which helps all of us in our relationships too!

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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