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Default Hello.....and question :)

Hi All,

I am 35 from Calgary. I am new to Poly and have just started exploring it with my husband in the last year. We have been together for 6 years and he was poly in the past though was mono with me. He has been very and open and supportive of me as I have moved in this direction, even to the point of allowing me to move into another relationship while he stayed monogamous to me so that I could learn and deal with the emotions.

In the last few months we have been moving into opening it up on both sides and learning how to communicate has been huge. We have always been good talkers, but there is a whole different level when it comes to this .

He recently met someone that he was interested in and they dated a few times and started talking about possibly having a relationship. When he would come home from dates, I would ask questions about what they had did and how things went. I asked what he had told her about our relationship, dynamic and guidelines. Which he shared with me. I had emotions of course, we talked about them but on the whole I felt I was doing really well and being very open.

Today she told him that it would not work and was over because she "wouldn't want him to tell me what they did or talked about". I never asked to know anything that is specifically related to just her, only what they did together and his feelings. Apparently she has been in poly relationships successfully in the past. I feel like this is my fault, though my husband has told me that it is not and they are her issues. I guess my question is....was I asking to know too much?
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